This is only my own personnel opinion of the Blue lizards at the world show in Spain.

There was 44 Blue lizards in the singles class  and 10 stams in that class which makes a total of 84 Blue Lizards, at the show. There was52 Blue lizards at the National at Stafford in 2016 [which is the same show year] positions in the singles class were as follows.

1st  with 94 points was Max Bizet -- this was a Clear Cap Blue Cock--- It had a nice clear cap with good dark spangles but I felt the spangles were not as well defined as I would have liked to see making them look trammie. it had good size and dark legs and beak. some breast work but not too much

2nd with 93 points was Julan Carlos -- a Broken Cap blue, this bird was large in size with good large dark spangles but again they lacked definition for me .

3rd with 92 points was Miguel Gonzalez --this bird was a Non Cap with good breast work and dark spangles but again lacked definition for me. and I would liked to have seen more spangles on the cap area

4th with 90 was David Allen UK.  5th with 90 points was  Maria Jose

the reason 4th and 5th are placed although there other birds in the class on 9o points is, all the medal winning bird have to have their ring number checked and if any are incorrect the other placed birds are promoted up. As there is no time to re-judge the class.

There was as I said 10 stam of Blue Lizards [a stam is a team of four birds that should be identical]

1st was  Wahl Gerhard with 368 points: this was a stam of clear caps all had well defined dark spangles and good dark legs and  good evenness across all four birds.  [you get 6 extra points for harmony  or as I have said evenness]

2nd was Julan Carlos with 366 points , 3rd was Alfons Tenbroke with 364 point,  4th was Jac Gubbels with 363 points.

the Blue Lizards were judged by Tezanos Espinosa from Germany.

Over all I thought the judge was Ok but the birds that were selected for the top 3 places all lacked definition in the spangles on their backs there were nice large dark spangles but not clear enough between each for me.  I also noticed a lot of birds in all the Lizard class with the cap tending to run a bit too far down the neck for my liking.

I will not give my opinions on the other Lizard classes but there were a few birds I though should have done better. David Allen but as I stated this is only my own personnel opinion of the birds.

 BLCC Chairman Gary Mann and BLCC secretary David Allen at the Gala evening at the World show in Holland.


Stan Bolton's 2015 world Show winner.


Stan other World show entry that got 89 points.[I took these pictures in my photo cage when they returned from the world show. as they were housed at mine until I had time to take them back to Stan}

                 WORLD SHOW 2015.


Stan Bolton win gold medal at the 2015 world show making it 2 years in a row, congratulations Stan. his Broken Cap Blue Hen was out standing with lovely spangles , really dark and they lined -up beautifully, with his trade mark dark legs. Team Uk showed 11 blue lizard exhibits out of the 42 on display in the singles class.

[picture to follow]