2016 Blue Lizard Canary Club of G.B. AGM 6/3/16

Members present Gary Mann, Andy Williamson, Geoff White, Keith Barker , David Allen, Stan Bolton, Ray Smith.

Apologies Harry Slater not well Gary asked if the secretary could send him a get well soon card.

Minutes of the 2015 AGM all members had a copy with they looked at and agreed they were a true record proposed Andy Williamson seconded Keith Barker.

Chairman’s report GM- I think the club has come on in leaps and bounds and hopefully will remain at steady pace. And thank everyone for their support. And wish everyone a good season and hope to see many blue Lizards on the show bench in 2016.

Presidents Report : DA read out the president report that was printed in the last newsletter.

Secretaries report: we are slightly down on membership from last year we currently have 31 paid up members in 2015. 47 were our highest number 1 has left the hobby and 7 have not renewed since 2013.

We have launched the ring scheme which is going well this is also supported by the LCA chairman and with my promotional letter in C&A and the editor comments followed by the LCA chairman’s letter has help promote the sale, so far sold 100 BLC rings and 250 ID BLC rings.

Treasures report DA: you all have a copy of the balance sheet in front of you. We have spent more than our income but we have brought 400 closed rings £198.08. Also Stafford [National didn’t bring in as much money this year. We are about £100 down on what we had last year so considering what I we have paid out I am very pleased, but of course this balance sheet was done on the 1st of January and I have received income in sub since then.

GM can I have a proposer to accept the balance sheet

Proposed SB seconded GW.

Closed Rings: DA, I have already covered this in my secretaries report.

Zone shows & patronage DA I think the zone shows are going well I judged the eastern zone show at North Waltham last year and there was a good number. I think club applying for rosette patronage can only help to promote the club and it seems to be working well so I think we should continue as were are,  all agreed.

Club Show. DA: said that he has found a hall for the show just outside Oxford and it will cost £48.00 and we can have the hall 8am until 4pm date would be the 18/12/16. Do we want to go with this? All agreed.

DA. Said he had asked Brian Hogg to judge the show. It had also been suggested by Kevin Skinner [president] that we judge the show on the points system this would make this the first show in the UK to do this. It was agreed that was a good idea but being the first show and the limit on time we should judge the show on UK system.

DA said he is going to approach Oxford 1910 to borrow some staging and hopefully Ray will be able to transport it for us to the hall. I am working on enough for 60 birds.

Prize: was thinking of prize money along the lines of the national £25/£10/£10/best/best champion/best novice and then £5 for best Clear/Broken/Non/ Over-year.  Or would we like to make a big prize for best say £50. Members felt it would be better to keep as the National being our first show. Entry fee 50p per bird over 8 entries free.

Trophy for best in show, I have two ideas 1st is an Acrylic glass rectangle clock trophy with an engraved plate with Best BLUE LIZARD OPEN 2016 this in blue. DA passed round a picture of the trophy. It would be around £21.00 plus p&p. All agreed this was a good idea. DA said there was another possibility that he might be able to get a lizard model made and painted as a Blue Lizard. Everyone thought if this was possible it would be a fantastic prize. DA to try and follow this up.

He also said he will do certificates for all members who show as a memento. He would also like to give a memento to the judge suggest a Whisky   Glass around £10. KB said they had done something similar from a company for around £6 DA asked if he could send he details.

Lunches: DA said Tracy has agreed to do the food and has suggested Lasagnes Crusty bread and salad. With bacon rolls in the morning & teas& coffee, Tracy suggested £6 for lunches. All agreed that sounds great.

Times DA suggested as there will not be a vast number of birds, staging from 8.30 to 9.30 judging to start 10.00/10.30 lunch around 12/12.30 and lifting around 3pm. All agreed that sounds OK.

I have sent a letter to the IOA for sponsorship of the show as they have give out in the past sponsorship to shows from affiliated clubs. GM said this may change this year but not sure we will wait to here. DA suggested he send some letters out to bird companies asking for some sponsorship. KB suggests Haiths are usually good at that. Everyone agreed for Da to try for some sponsorship.

KB had also told DA that the North East Blue lizard club will give patronage for the show. All thanked the NEBLCC.

Raffle DA suggested we have just a seed raffle with a bag of seed or possible 2 as this is usually a good money raiser. All agreed.

DA outlined the cost of the show.

Hall £48, Prize Money £65, Trophies £34 total £148 this is an approximant of course.

Prediction of possible income. Food £35, entries £20 [40 birds] raffle £40 total £90 these of course are only an estimate.

AOB; Insurance this was now something we need to think about with us having our own show. DA said he didn’t think that with the low cost of the hall it would have it own insurance as many venues due to cove events. KB suggested we contact the NCA and take out there insurance which is around £65. It was agreed the club should obtain insurance, DA will contact the NCA.

Affiliations: DA has paid the IOA £10 and will pay the CC   next week when he sees the CC secretary.

Badges: DA this was suggested last year for me to look in to and I have had a quote from a company for a 100, they have sent me some samples. [Member’s were shown the samples] I know which is my favourite, The British Vespa club. All agreed this looked the best, DA suggested we have a layout like the sample, with Blue lizard canary club of Great Britain around the edge. BLCC in the middle. And at the bottom established 2011. GM said that seem Ok and said he prefers the pin clip on the back rather than the push on butterfly clips. The quote work out at around 87p per badge plus a setup fee and delivery so would work out around 1.40 each mark. Could charge £2.50 /£3 a badge.

 All agreed . DA would contact the company for a proof of layout of the badge and a final cost.

Finally DA said he has had some club Mug & key rings made which he has on sale today mugs £6 & Key rings £3 he has paid for these himself and will donate profit back to the club.

AW said was it possible that he could be second delegate for the BLCC on the canary council. DA said he thought this would be unfair as the BLCC is a small club and pays a low rate. And the lager club such as the Fife who pay the higher rate still only have two delegates. GM said yes that is true.


2015 AGM will be held at Stafford again at 12.00 at the club Stand.

 BLCC 2015 officers and committee.

BLCC CHAIRMAN -GARY MANN-TEL-7814597894 OR email-- phoenixdecs@tiscali.co.uk

BLCC SECRETARY-DAVID ALLEN-01865452476 -mail--david.allen1965@outlook.com



COMMITTEE MEMBERS.--Ray Smith, Stan Bolton

Life members: Kevin Skinner







Minute’s of the last AGM were handed out. Any matters arising, DA said some are on the agenda. No matters arising.

Proposed Ray Smith, seconded Gary Mann, as a true record. All agreed

Chairman’s report: Gary said he thought that 2015 had been a very good year for thee Blue Lizard. With a very successful National and zone shows. He would also like to congratulated Stan Bolton on his win at the world show and David Allen for his win at the National.

Presidents Report> David said that there was no presidents report as Kevin was unable to attend.

David explained that Kevin has given up his birds due to family commitments. But he asked Kevin if he would continue as the president as this is a figure head role and he did not need to keep Blue Lizards.

Secretaries report: this has been a great year for us, has Gary has said. we had 51 Blues at Stafford this is more than was at the World show [42]

Which as Gary has said Stan won. We have 35 paid-up members in 2014 including two new members from Europe. There are 45 who have join the club since it started but some have not rejoined for 2 or more years.We also had the addition of the Northern Zone show this year which was held at the Hechton CBS.Which was a great success, the NELCC have change there date to January but more about this later.

I also took upon myself to perches some framed rosettes for the winners of each of the zone show which I think was well received, and will carry on with this year.On a personnel note I no longer have any roles within the LCA. I will just be concentrating on the BLCC I will if members agree still keep the LCA chairman informed of our activities.

Treasures report: you all have a copy of the balance sheet.

As you can see the club is in a very good position. We did buy a trophy for the Northern Zone show which is just a one off purchase.

I will not need to order as many rosettes this year as I still have a few in stock.As you can see the National did bring in a good income for the club. Any question?

Stan Bolton, what was the expenditure of £78 for the National?

This was the cost of the printing of the schedules and the prize money given out on the day. Any thing else,

The balance sheet was accepted by all and.Proposed by Geoff White seconded by Stan Bolton.


DA. I think the rosette patronage has gone down well with clubs who apply for this receiving 3 rosettes for putting on classes for blue lizards. I think we should carry on with this. GM said it all helps to promote the club all agreed.

National. DA--this is a main show really, we have the excellent chance to should our birds to a wide audience. I currently charge 30p per bird, do you think we should put this up to 50p but any entries over 8 are free.

DA proposed seconded by Harry Slater all agreed.

DA. What about the prize money for the show, should we increase it? It is currently £10 for Best then £5 for best champion, Novice, and then 5 x £2 for clear /Broken Non cap etc to try and give a good spread of prize money, we also do get prizes via the PS from there sponsors.

Members felt there was no need to increase the prize money.

Zone Shows, DA we currently now have 3 with the Northern.

But I have received a email from North Walsham CBS chairman offering to host the eastern zone show as we no longer have a zone show in this area. As the All Variety Canary show has gone. Do we all think this is a good option. All agreed.

Northern Zone show. Keith Barker, what we propose it that we run it in conjunction with our show which has now moved to January and is not inconjuction with a CBS and that all the entry money is given to the BLCC. What do the members think. Everyone was agreed that this would be a good idea.

I will continue with the framed rosettes for the winners of each zone show. I already have the frames [Ikea].

Club rings: DA I have spoken to a ring distributor form Portugal at the World show, Penzo with the help of Simon Tamman as he does speak any English. He gave me his email address and I have contacted him but with no response as yet. But the language issue maybe a problem.

GM. I have spoken to the LCA chairman John Martin and he would like us to go down this route, as if all birds that were bred from Blue lizard had BLCC ring on then buyer would have the choice when buying Lizards from a breeder who keeps Blue lizards. Andy Williamson some problem may arise if a normal lizard was shown at a Lizard show with a BLCC ring on. DA you are judging the bird not the ring. AW I know it would not both me our you David but some would, but some may not.

AW I use IOA rings for this reason. GM Ok but I think we need to give members that option, so does everyone agree that DA looks into this for 2016. All agreed and DA would approach ring suppliers for prices.

BLCC’s own show? DA this was suggested by our president last year to look at in a few years and I think now with the amount of birds we are seeing at the national is well worth considering, I would want it on a Sunday as I know I would not be at work nor would GM Ideally it would be in the Oxford area, as I know someone who could do the catering.[Yes yes was heard amongst members]

But currently have problem finding a hall that will accept livestock in the hall. The other option is the venue where the South bucks have there show, I have spoken to Brian Hogg and he suggested the small room where the lunches are serviced could be hired for around£80. £80 to £100 is about the general price being quoted for a hall hire.

Everyone thought this was a good idea and should be looked into for 2016. CM Date!!!! Is the big problem as there are so many shows that it could clash with. DA suggested weekend before Christmas 2016 which is the 18th.

All thought this may well be the best option. GM said if DA could put a note when the minutes are sent out to members about any suggestions for a date. Everyone agreed for DA to look for a venue and date suitable.


[1] DA as I said earlier our president Kevin skinner no longer keeps birds due to family commitments but I propose we make him our first life member. I have spoken to Kevin about this award and he said he would be honaurd to become the clubs first life member.So I DA propose Kevin Skinner is the BLCC’s first Life member Seconded Stan Bolton every one agreed.

[2] GM Chris smith has approached David about the BLCC joining the Canary council. I know David is not fully in agreement with this but I feel if COM or anyone want to change anything to do with Blue lizard the CC would go to the LCA and as they do not recognize them they would not get involved. We would then have our own voice and have reorganization.The cost is £20 per year. Proposed Geoff White Seconded by Stan Bolton we join the CC

All agreed. GM now we need a delegate, I suggest David, who agreed.

DA said he would pay Chris on Monday as he would se him at the south bucks meeting on Monday night.

[3] IOA affiliation should the club continue with this it is only £10 and if we had our own rings member would be able to shows in Europe using the BLCC rings if we are affiliated to the IOA all agreed. DA said he would go and pay Richard Lumley after the meeting at the IOA stand.

[4] Keith Barker raised the question about the club having insurance

Which is available via the NCA. DA said that as the club does not have it own show yet there was not need as the clubs where the zone show are held would have there own insurance. But if we do have our own show we may need to look in to that if we do, thank for that keith.

The chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting and wished them all the best if the forth coming breeding season, and looking forward to seeing lots of blue lizards on the show bench in 2015.

The meeting closed at 12.47




Members present: David Allen, Harry Slater, Kevin Skinner, Ray Smith, Gary Mann

Apologies from Stan Bolton & Joe Coakley & Keith Barker.

#President Kevin Skinner Opened the meeting in the absents of a Chairman.

Kevin explained that Andy Williamson had resigned due to a breakdown in communications.

Kevin also added he would like to thank Andy for the work he has done for the club in his time as chairman.

David added that Andy had wished the club all the best in the future.

Members were given a copy of the last AGM to read.

Matters arising: David said he was still keeping the LCA informed of the clubs activities and the LCA chairman John Martin was sent a Newsletter when one was produced. All agreed this was the right way to go.

No other matters the minutes were passed.

proposed Ray Smith, seconded Harry Slater.

Kevin said as there was no chairman we did not have a Chairman’s report.

So we will move on to the next report.

Secretaries report: David said he felt since the club’s last held an AGM which was a 2 years ago {due to the All Varieties show have not taken place} the club has made great progress with the National in 2013 having 38 blue Lizards benched. This is increasing year on year.

And we now have 33 members. David also said he would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Stan Bolton on his gold medal at the World show with a Blue Lizard.

This has attracted a lot of interest in the club form both the UK and Europe. Which has all got to be good publicity for the club.

Treasurers Report. David gave everyone a copy of the clubs accounts these were also printed in last clubs newsletter. David asked for any questions about the accounts. Everyone was happy with the accounts.

So David asked that the accounts be accepted

proposed Gary Mann, Seconded Kevin Skinner.

Election of Officers [TO HOLD POSTS FOR NEXT 3 YEARS]

Treasurer & Secretary ---David Allen ---proposed Kevin skinner, seconded Gary Mann --all agreed

Chairman --David Allen proposed Gary Mann seconded Kevin Skinner all agreed.

Kevin welcomed Gary and said he felt his knowledge with the IOA & COM would be very helpful to the club.

Committee: All officers above including president Kevin Skinner. Ray Smith, Joe Coakley & Steve Martin [as the last two were not present the secretary would contact them to ask if they were happy to continue]

[they have both since been contacted and agreed to continue]

Zone Shows: National /South Bucks---have both worked very well and been a great succsee especially the National.

---Eastern Zone need to look at as no All variety canary show anymore. This would be put on hold and the committee would look at this as there is a possible new show in the pipeline.

David suggested that we add a northern Zone show, as the Newly formed North East Lizard Canary Club had members who have blue and the club that is holding the show is also putting classes on for blue lizards -- all agreed this would be a good idea and would help to promote the club in the North.

Rosette Patronage: this was something that the committee introduced last year again to promote the club at small local club open shows. This gave the clubs 3 rosettes and they were asked to put on a minimum classification for blue lizards. 12 clubs took up the offer last year with birds exhibited at every show in varying numbers. Kevin suggested that with these rosettes we send out leaflets and application forms. David said he would do that.

All agreed that this should be continued.


[1] David said he would like to get a trophy for the winner to keep for the national something a bit different. As this was our key zone show where we would attract the most interest from the general public with the number of visitor at this show. Kevin suggested David look at the one displayed on the North East Lizard club stand. All agreed and David would look in this.

[2] David asked if we could purchase a trophy for the Northern Zone show as to match-up with the other zone shows. This was agreed by all.

[3] Kevin said he would like to see in 2 or 3 years the possibility of the club having it’s own one-off show like the classic just for blues. This could also then incorporate the clubs AGM and would bring more people to the AGM. Everyone thought this was certainly an option to look at.

[4] David asked Gary about the cost of the club affiliating to COM/UK IOA. Gary said it only cost £10 for the club. The idea for this would be we could then issue our own club rings which would earn us a small profit. And if affiliated to COM/UK IOA these club rings would enable members to show at the World Show. Every one thought it was worth the small cost. David said he will speak to Richard Lumley to confirm the cost.

The meeting closed at 12.40pm


£ 10.00 

Easy way to pay or join this club.



BLCC CHAIRMAN ------- GARY MANN--TELE--7814597894 OR email-- phoenixdecs@tiscali.co.uk

BLCC SECRETARY------DAVID ALLEN--01865452476 --email--  david.allen8750@ntlworld.com



COMMITTEE MEMBERS.--Ray Smith, Joe Coakley, Steve Martin.



    MEETING HELD ON 09/01/2011 

Venue --All Variety Canary Show Peterbourgh at 11am


  Attendees:----David allen, Robert Bunting, Andy Williamson, Kevin Skinner, Darren Lowe, Joe Coakley, Steve Fisher, Ray Smith, Harry Slater, John Herod, 

   Stan & Bhorn Bolton, John Record.

   David Allen opened the meeting thanking everyone for coming to the meeting and giving a introduction of why he had called the meeting.

  David said that he had called the meeting after the vote at the LCA AGM not to discuss Blue Lizards, David stated that this had been a fair vote with the LCA Chairman giving everyone the opportunity to voice there opinions.

  David felt that with the amount of interest in Blue Lizards now forming a separate club was the way forward. David said his aim is for the club to eventually

  in the future to become part of the LCA like the other Lizard specialist clubs. 

 David said he had informed the Chairman of the LCA of his intention to form a club for Blue Lizards.

 With the support for the meeting it was agreed there was enough interest in Blue Lizards to form a club.


  Chairman:--- Andy Williamson was proposed by Kevin skinner seconded by David Allen all agreed

  Secretary & treasurer David Allen put himself forward for these roles proposed by Kevin skinner seconded by Robert Bunting all agreed.

President :-- Kevin Skinner, was proposed by David Allen seconded by Robert Bunting all agreed.

  Committee members: Ray Smith, Robert bunting Joe Coakley, Darren Lowe.


    Club name: david suggested the Blue Lizard Canary Club, as he did want to have association as people might feel this was in competition with the LCA. stan Bolton proposed it be called the Blue Lizard Canary Club of Great Britain, all agreed.

  Subscriptions : Kevin suggested that it be £10 across the board as it was a new club and we need the money and it makes it easier for all. everyone agreed

  so the subscriptions were set at £10.

  Rules: david went through a set of rules he had put forward these were gone through one by one and members will received a copy following the first committee meeting when they will be confirmed.


 SHOW STANDARD for Blue Lizards: David said everyone had a copy of a the standard he proposed.

  Andy said he felt  this should be the same as the LCA standard because all we are changing is the ground colour and nothing else. he also felt that the guidelines put forward would not be needed as this would be taken in to account with the change of ground colour. everyone agreed.

Judges: David put forward four judges that would judge Blue Lizards:  

    David Allen [LCA panel judge & BLCC breeder] Brian Hogg,  Kevin MacCullam, & Simon Tamman [The last three are all OMJ or COM judges]

it was felt that LCA panel judges should be asked if they were prepared to judge Blue's if there were classes at the show that they were judging Lizards.

 It was felt that the secretary should as the current LCA panel judges if they would judge Blue's, but this should be done off the record. so we could compile our own judges panel.

 Show Classification: David said everyone had a copy of the proposed classification Andy felt that it would be better if both Champion & novice showed in the same classes, but be able to go for Novice awards. Also Andy felt that the amount of classes be increased by two making 8 in total as there would be no Novice classes and there is only one colour variation, not the two of gold & silver. and by joining the Novice & Champion you would get better numbers in classes instead of 1 and 2's. It was agreed by all.

  CLUB Show: David said he would like to hold the club show at the South bucks as he was show secretary & the club had agreed. It was tabled by Kevin skinner that it be at Bird Show of the Year and Stan said why not here at the All Variety.  Andy Williamson said why not hold all 3 and call them zone show's in 2011 and see how they go, it would help to promote the club around the UK.  everyone felt this was a good idea and were in agreement.

   Any Other Business: David said he had contacted A C Hughes about club closed rings. As it was felt that if people who bred Blue Lizards used BLCC ID rings

  on birds bred from Blue's then the buyer would know when purchasing there stock. Kevin said he thought that if the LCA don't want Blue Lizard breeders using LCA rings on Blue's then go down the route which many of us do and use IOA rings. It was felt that at the present time it would not be cost effective.

  the item was raised about all showe birds being closed rung, all flet this should not be imposed as it may restrict new breeders. so it was felt that there should not be any restrictions on ringing of blue Lizards for club shows.

  Stan said that he thought that over 60% of people who enquired about stock asked if he had any Blue's. So he said there is the interest in them and people like them. David said do you think this is because Blue's don't need to be colour fed? Members were not sure but possible.

with nothing further to discuss the meeting closed with David thanking everyone who attended and added that he would be taking subscriptions

     Meeting closed at 12.15.





                                                         DAVID ALLEN. 108 NOWELL ROAD ROSEHILL OXFORD OX4 4TD.