Welcome to the :--Website for Blue Lizard Canaries 


On this site I will explain more about Blue Lizard and how I created my own Blue Lizard strian which is now nearly 16 years old. [2010]
In 1994 i started my plan to bred my own stud of blue Lizard canaries. to do this i had to introduce a the white factor which I did by using a white fife.
In 2 years I had bred a 98% lizard and that year I won best AOV at the OLd National with one. Since then my Blue lizard have improved and are now a ture Blue lizard. with all the markings and points of a normal Lizard but in the White ground colour.
These Blue lizard have been bred for many years now in Europe and most Lizard breeders in Europe bred blue lizard. As they are given classes and are recogized in Europe. 
Below is a broken cap lizard Hen.